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Our Board of Directors is comprised of people representing various industries, interests and locations from throughout the county.  These dedicated individuals share the responsibility of managing the foundation and it's various funds and serve as ambassadors to promote our activities.  Working strictly as  volunteers, they willingly offer their time and talents to enhance the quality of life in Vermillion County.  To send them email, simply click on the name.

Jon Lewman  Dana, Indiana

Board President - Glenda Boling  Perrysville, Indiana

Secretary - Rhonda Majors  Clinton, Indiana

Treasurer - Lou Bonomo  Clinton, Indiana

Mark Wilson  Cayuga, Indiana

Jack Fenoglio  Clinton, Indiana

Vice President - Yale Yager  Clinton, Indiana

Albert Clark  Cayuga, Indiana

Loretta Smith  Clinton, Indiana

Ronda Foster  Rockville, Indiana

Bob Rendaci  Clinton, Indiana

Doug Waters  Clinton, Indiana

Terri Williamson  Clinton, Indiana

Nina Alexander  Clinton, Indiana


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Last Updated July 30, 2002